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The Deathly Dark Tours launched in 2020, when everyone was locked in their homes. We decided to film our evening walks around York and share some spooky stories onto Facebook! It started out with just Dorian and Dede, then eventually we needed some help to keep up with demand, and we now have FIVE guides! We are very much still active on social media and you can find all our delicious links at the bottom of this page.

meet the guides


Hello, browser of the internet. My name is Dorian Deathly, and I am the founder of The Deathly Dark Tours. You must be here because you're the curious type, looking to uncover some of the darker and more unpleasant things that lurk within the two thousand years of York's murkier moments. We'll get along just fine.

Consider me your tour guide, story teller, fellow adventurer in time. Together we will talk of murders, executions, the plagues and pestilence, and perhaps the odd things that go bump in the night. 

Twenty years of experience as a storyteller, a decade of roaming the delightful streets of York talking the toot with both visitors and residents about the grim and grizzly history of this magnificently macabre city, so I am not short of a tale or two. 




Hello fellow spooky folks, my name is Daria Deathly!

There is the age old saying, "Always look on the bright side of Death" and that, my friends, is me. With around a decade of storytelling behind me, I find joy in bringing the dark and twisted streets of York to life. From the Romans to the Vikings, from the Georgians to right here, join me as I dance through 2000 years of dark shadows, and if we're lucky, the streets might be looking back!

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dede & doug

Although not official guides of the tour, if you're lucky you might get to meet Dede & Doug who work behind the scenes making sure everything runs properly. They often come to meet Dorian at the end of his tours and stop to say hello to everyone! 

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