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Responsible travel is growing in importance and popularity and as a tourism-based company, we are very aware of our responsibilities in this area. A walking tour at its very core, is an environmentally friendly and healthy way to explore the city, that’s not only good for our guides and guests, but the local community too. Still, we don’t believe that it’s enough to just do the bare minimum and we always try to operate in an ethical manner, reduce our waste, and recycle as much as we can.  It is the right thing to do, and we hope to set a good example to other businesses in York. The best way to explore new places, without impacting the environment, is by foot and we are proud to be able to say that we are doing our bit.



Although we are a small company (currently only 5 of us!) we all do our bit for the environment. We try to walk or cycle instead of driving where possible and are great supporters of the electric scooter. During lockdown, we even live-streamed a tour of York whilst riding bicycles around the city and did our bit to promote healthy living! We use recycled paper for our leaflets and flyers where possible and all our outdated paper advertising is recycled, along with our glass, cans and plastic waste materials. Our aim for the future is to manage our advertising to ensure zero waste, but as a new company we are still learning how many flyers and leaflets we need to order. For now, we make our designs last for as long as possible by being thoughtful about which information we put on them.

We always aim to do the right thing by our guests and believe that it’s important to look at how our actions affect those around us, both in the City of York and further afield. We want to have a positive impact on the world and make changes that will help this happen. The Deathly Dark Tours are committed to tackling racism, injustice and discrimination, providing a safe and inclusive environment for all our visitors and staff and will not stand for discrimination or bullying of any kind. Anyone exhibiting such behaviour, will be asked to leave the tour and no refund given.

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