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The Deathly Dark Tours host a guided, outdoor walking tour in the city of York. York is thousands of years old and known for its cobbled streets, which do impact the accessibility of our tours to some degree. However, we make every effort to ensure that our tours are as accessible as possible for visitors. 


Our tours have a different start and end point, so please check information on our website for the specific details of the tour you plan to attend. Tour length is currently 90 minutes. We encourage visitors to book onto our tours via our website to ensure that their place is reserved; we have a booking limit in place that each guide has agreed upon and we will stop sales when this number is reached. Tours are available on different days; so please ensure you check the date and time of your tour when booking. We ask visitors to arrive 5 -10 minutes prior to the start of the tour to ensure that we can start the tour on time. 


We like to do everything we can to meet visitor’s specific needs and are always seeking to improve on our customer experience. Please read the FAQs on our website for more information. If there are any questions we have not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can endeavour to make sure your needs are met.

Getting here

Please check both the start and end point of the tour before making your journey. We encourage people to speak to their guide after the tour for directions back to lodgings or local transport links. Please do not hesitate to contact us beforehand if you require additional advice regarding your car parking or public transport in the city. 


Accessibility Information

As our walking tours are situated within an historic city, there are aspects of the tour that we are unable to alter, these include cobbled streets, narrow pavements and kerbs. We advise visitors of the following main considerations:  


  • This is a walking tour; guests are advised that they should be physically capable, with a moderate level of fitness and be prepared to walk around an urban environment for 90 minutes with occasional stops. We make use where possible of existing external street furniture for visitors to rest whilst we tell stories. However, all guests should ensure that they are physically able to keep up with a tour group.


  • Care should be taken when walking on different surfaces, if wet or icy; particularly on cobbled or uneven areas and when using steps or kerbs.


  • This tour is completely outdoors, so we advise that visitors should wear appropriate clothing for the weather as we cannot guarantee shelter from sun or rain. Sensible footwear is also recommended due to the uneven nature of some surfaces. 


  • As the tour runs outdoors all year round, we cannot guarantee consistent lighting levels in the city centre and many of the places we visit may have low visibility in darker months.


  • Visitors are advised to stay hydrated during tours, especially on warmer days. Visitors are encouraged to bring water with them.


  • Prams and pushchairs are allowed on the tours, but visitors may find uneven surfaces more difficult to navigate. Please do not hesitate to contact us have any queries on the suitability of the tour.


Wheelchairs and Mobility Vehicles

Any guest using a wheelchair must be capable of travelling throughout the length of the tour. Some parts of the tour will be on cobbled streets, but there will be a way around this in most cases. Manual wheelchair users are likely to need to bring a personal assistant with them. Self-propelled wheelchair users even with assistance are likely to struggle in some areas and as a result may experience difficulty on some areas of tours. Guests who use an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter must ensure they have sufficient battery power for the duration of a tour. Our guides will be happy to advise an alternative route where possible at points where a wheelchair user is struggling with terrain. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on the suitability of a tour. 


Hearing Impaired Guests

Our walking tours are predominantly verbal with stories told by guides. Our guides are trained stage actors and as such are experts at projecting their voices within an external environment. However, we cannot account for unexpected background noise levels in the city centre or the behaviour of the general public around us. BSL interpreters are welcome to join us on the tour for no charge, if you wish to take advantage of this please email


Visually impaired guests

Visitors with visual impairment are advised to consider the above accessibility information as well as specific tour information to ensure that the tour is suitable. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on the suitability of a tour or if we can help with adapting the tour to your requirements. 


Assistance Dogs

All dogs are welcome on our walking tours including hearing dogs, registered guide dogs and medical alert dogs. It is not necessary to make us aware of this beforehand. 


Toilet Facilities

As we host external walking tours, we are not able to provide permanent toilet facilities for visitors. However, our guides will always try to direct guests to open facilities if required.


Large Print

A large print version of this accessibility statement can be accessed by contacting us directly. For more information please email and we will do our best to help.

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