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"Dorian the tour guide is genuinely one of the most naturally talented and funny tour guides you will ever meet."

"Fantastic virtual tour of York with lots of creepy facts, historical nuggets and excellent humour to boot."

"Dorian’s tour was one of our highlights during our trip to York."

"Dorian Deathly really made the trip, his knowledge of York’s dark past was fascinating and brilliantly told."

"Absolutely the best tour in York."

"Dorian Deathly, an artiste in the twisted amusement of the macabre. Horrible Histories? Nope - HORRIFIC!"

"Deadpan' Dorian was a delight of ghastly humour and local knowledge."

"In the safe, ghoulish hands of Dorian Deathly, you'll be treated to the dark and scary facts of the beautiful city."

All reviews taken from TripAdvisor and Facebook. To see more, click on one of the links below.

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