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HOW TO FIND the tour

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From outside the Minster, simply stroll through Minster Gates, with Hebden Tea on your left.
You're now stood on High Petergate at the top of Stonegate. Turn left, and walk down High Petergate. jimmy's and forest will be on your left. Finally, turn right into
Grape Lane. About halfway down you will find a sign for quack's printers.

This is where your tour begins! 

At the top of the Shambles, turn right into King's Square. You should see the Chocolate Story on your left. Continue straight on and you will find Low Petergate, with the York Hog Roast on the corner. Wander up Low Petergate, pass by Mr P's Curious Tavern, and Grape Lane is on your left. Halfway down is a sign for quack's printers and that is where I shall meet you. 

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